Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra (CSO) and Music School Festival Orchestra (MFSO)

Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra: Performing 21 concerts including two concerts accompanying Chautauqua Dance, the orchestra also provides musicians that perform for Chautauqua Opera. Enhance your symphony experience by becoming a member of Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra League or Symphony Patrons: http://ciweb.org/support-the-cso />
Music School Festival Orchestra: The School of Music at Chautauqua considers orchestral work, private study, and chamber music each to be vital components of the program. The orchestra rehearses daily for the majority of the seven weeks and performs its concerts in the Amphitheater.

Among the highlights for the summer of 2018 will be a performance with the combined forces of the MSFO and the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra in Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7 “Leningrad”. Other facets of orchestral study include sectionals, repertoire classes and mock auditions all run by our professional faculty. Topics covered include the psychology of auditioning, performance issues, and instant feedback providing priceless insight into the professional road ahead.
2020 Themes and Programming
Review the themes and programming for the 2020 Summer Assembly Season at Chautauqua here www.chq.org/2020 or click on the "INFO" button below. It won't be Chautauqua without you.

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