Denominational Houses

n addition to Department of Religion programs, Denominational Houses and religious organizations at Chautauqua Institution offer religious services, lectures, and low-cost housing options during the nine-week CHQ Season.

The term “denomination” in CHQ usage is a very inclusive term meaning an institutional faith organization. The 16 denominations at CHQ include the African American Denominational House (AADH), Baha’i Faith, Baptist, Catholic, Christian Science, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Episcopal, Chabad-Lubavitch Community (Orthodox Jewish), Hebrew Congregation (Reform Jewish), Lutheran, Presbyterian, the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker), United Church of Christ (UCC), United Methodist, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship(UU) and Unity. Eleven of these denominations have Denominational Houses on the grounds.

Religious organizations (not denominations) at CHQ that offer religious services, programming and/or housing include the International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons (IOKDS), Chautauqua Christian Fellowship (CCF), and the Ecumenical Community of Chautauqua (ECOC).
Interfaith Fridays 2019 Lecture SetAD
Chautauqua Institution is pleased to offer the 2019 Interfaith Fridays at Chautauqua on DVD. The set includes nine Interfaith Friday conversations presented during Chautauqua's 2019 season. Available for purchase at the Chautauqua Bookstore and online at
Everett Jewish Life Center Since the beginning of the 2009 summer season, the Everett Jewish Life Center has been a hub of activity, programs and lectures. There are more events at the Everett Center than days in the summer season, and hundreds of Jews, non-Jews and Chautauquans benefit from this remarkable new home.

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