The best place on the grounds to watch a feature film: 716-357-2352
CHILD (UNDER 12) $7.50
TICKET "BARGAIN BOOKS" 10 admissions for $85.00

We run a select series. All of our films have received critical acclaim and/or won awards. We picked them and we like them, but this does not guarantee that you will! Please make informed choices. Our carefully worded program descriptions may be of help. Enjoy the show!

PLEASE NOTE: The Cinema does not sell advance tickets! Admission is paid as you enter (with bargain book, cash or credit) and all persons paid together must enter together.

The Cinema is located in Chautauqua Institution at the corner of Hurst and Wythe Avenues an easy walk from Bestor Plaza. Follow the brick walk (Pratt Ave.) northwest from the Plaza and look for the Cinema's marquee up and to your left, just past Norton Hall, and before the Children's School playground.
2020 Themes and ProgrammingAD
Review the themes and programming for the 2020 Summer Assembly Season at Chautauqua here or click on the "INFO" button below. It won't be Chautauqua without you.

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