Gate Passes


For safety and security purposes, no-cost gate passes will be required for access to the grounds between the 2020 season dates, June 27 to Aug. 30. Digital ticket files will be provided for at-home printing. The Ticket Office staff will begin taking orders for long-term passes by phone on June 15, at 716-357-6250, Option 5, and a self-serve web “store” will be available in the coming weeks. Those who arrive at the grounds without a ticket will be required to contact the Ticket Office, and entry may be delayed. We will be offering time-limited passes and ask that you order the pass that makes sense for your visit, as it will help us better understand how the grounds are being utilized this summer, which will in turn help us better plan our on-grounds experience in coming years.

All who reside on or visit the Chautauqua grounds will be required to follow state and county regulations meant to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing, limits on gathering size and face-coverings.


At this time, we are planning to staff only the Main Gate, with the auto entrance staffed 24/7. The Main Gate pedestrian entrance and exit lanes will also be staffed 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily during the season dates. The Market Gate is operated remotely by the Chautauqua Police Department and available only for delivery vehicles.

We have heard concerns that this approach will cause backups in the center of the grounds, and we appreciate that it is inconvenient for those who live on either end of the grounds. We hope you will understand that we need to be able to track population density and the number of hangtags being given out, etc. Centralizing entrance and exit is the best way to do that.
Health and Medical Services at ChautauquaAD
The Allegany Health Network Clinic at Chautauqua is open 8 - 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday during Chautauqua's summer assembly season. Walk in to make an appointment or call 716-357-3209. Location is 21 Roberts Avenue (near the Amphitheater on the street that runs behind the Brick Walk Cafe).
2020 Themes and ProgrammingAD
Review the themes and programming for the 2020 Summer Assembly Season at Chautauqua here or click on the "INFO" button below. It won't be Chautauqua without you.
Purchase Gate Passes and Event Tickets
We require all guests age 13 and older to purchase a gate pass during our summer season. If you are purchasing a single event ticket or registering for a class, your ticket or registration will admit you to the grounds (no need to purchase an additional pass). You will also need a parking pass. Most guests park in our Main Lot, adjacent to the grounds. Some accommodations offer private parking on grounds. Please check with your host before purchasing a parking pass. Ready to make your online purchase? Need more Ticket or Gate Pass Information? Ticket Office Phone: 716-257-6250 Email:

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