Chautauqua Bookstore

Located on Bestor Plaza, the Bookstore is open all year round and carries a variety of merchandise similar to the mix one will find in a college campus bookstore. Certainly, you will find books, with an emphasis on titles about the Institution's history and community, books written by speakers featured in the Institution's current lecture platforms, and titles from both current and previous seasons’ CLSC selections. There is also a good selection of books by local authors, current New York Times Bestsellers, and a strong assortment of titles in the subjects Chautauquans most typically focus on: literary fiction, science, religion, history, and the arts. If you enjoy the lectures given during the summer, we can provide you with CD and MP3 recordings of the programs given daily at 9:15, 10:45, and 2PM as well as the CLSC (Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle) and Contemporary Issues Forum talks. We carry a wide selection of Chautauqua-themed clothing and souvenirs. There are sweatshirts, tee shirts, mugs, stationery, pens and pencils, magnets, stickers, etc. sporting the Chautauqua logo and brand. The variety of greeting cards, note cards, and postcards featuring Chautauqua images is excellent. We also pride ourselves on having a unique blend of gifts and greeting cards, many of them related to Chautauqua's four pillars of education, religion, the arts, and recreation. This includes an outstanding selection of creative and educational toys for children.

Open year-round

Fall/Winter Hours: 9am - 5pm Daily
Extended Holiday Weekend Hours through December 30th:
Fridays 9am - 8pm
Sat & Sun 9am - 6pm
Chautauqua Summer Season Hours: 7am - 9pm

We are CLOSED on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Days
We close early on Christmas Eve

We are hiring for the 2018 summer season!
To view available positions and apply
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